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"A man is as young as his spinal column."

-- Joseph Pilates

"I am grateful for the blessing the Pilates Studio of Gainesville has been in my life. As I entered into my 70s, I became aware that I was becoming and looking older. My wife had been working with Kris Shellum and benefiting greatly. I joined her in the adventure and have experienced such an increase in strength and vitality. My doctor is pleased with my health and continues to claim that I am 10 years younger physically than my age which is over 80."

Jim T.

When I first started Pilates my body was at its lowest point ever. I suffered from weakness in my joints  as well as poor posture. I was weak all over and tired of it. A dear friend who truly cares for my wellbeing suggested Pilates. She was 20+ years older than me, yet she was strong and fit. I decided to give it a try. We started off slowly and at first I wondered if Pilates was having any effect at all. Slowly but surely I discovered my old body returning to its once former strong self! I slept better and am feeling better than I have in years. I am returning to my once youthful pursuits and look forward to cross country skiing again next winter. 

Lillian M.

"I had never committed to anything to improve my well being until I walked into the Pilates Studio of Gainesville three years ago. I was greeted with enthusiasm and acceptance from the first time I walked in as the new girl in class. Linda meets me where my body is each practice. I love the variety so I'm never bored, which is why it is easy to keep going back for more! I love the time and effort  the  instructors take to learn each of our strengths and places for improvement and tailor our practices around those. I have strengthened my core and had fun doing it!"

Jennifer S.

"The Pilates Studio of Gainesville is "my happy place". After years of lower back pain and subsequent back surgery in 2008 which resulted in a partial fusion of my lumbar spine, I knew that I needed help. I saw the ad for "The Pilates Studio" in the Bull Run Observer. My initial conversation and subsequent meeting with Kris convinced me that Pilates would work for me. Kris reviewed what I had done in PT, observed my movement or lack thereof and designed a program for me. My journey to stable, strong and supportive core muscles continues today. Why is The Studio "my happy place", I don't have any back pain! Just in case you think that you might be too old for Pilates, think again. I'm over 65, and no, I'm not going to share how much older I am!"

Linda D.

"I have been taking classes at the Pilates Studio of Gainesville for 11 years. I have scoliosis and Pilates has allowed me to maintain flexibility which is crucial as I age. One of the most important benefits for me has been the ability of the instructors to customize the sessions to address whatever physical challenges I am experiencing at the time."

Patty B.

Jessica C.

The Pilates Studio of Gainesville is such a blessing. I’ve come to the studio for over a year. As a busy working mother of two young children, PSoG provides stress relief and has improved my overall strength. I’m especially grateful to Linda. She’s an excellent instructor helping me find strength where I didn’t know I had it and working around any constraints I might have. Each day after Pilates, I stand taller, feel stronger, and feel my mood lifted.

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