Kris Shellum - founder

Kris discovered Pilates 18 years ago when she took her first mat class. Having spent many years owning and operating women's fitness centers, she became immediately intrigued with this method of exercise. She began her Pilates education studying with Michael Wright of the PhysicalMind Institute. She went on to earn her comprehensive certification with Core Dynamics through Michelle Larson and Dilla Mastrangelo. Kris is certified by the National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP). She has a degree in Sociology from the University of Mary Washington. The only thing rivaling her passion for spending time with her clients and fellow instructors is her husband and three practically perfect children.

Aprill Place

Aprill hates burpees, but loves teaching Pilates! She started teaching Mat Pilates in 2010 after many years of taking classes. She almost gave up thinking that she wasn't being true to the classical method of Pilates, but after a three week break, she resumed her classes and her students expressed how much they missed her teaching. She realized that her students were getting something out of the classes and decided to devote her time to the classical method, while incorporating contemporary moves. In 2012 Aprill started training on the Pilates equipment and has completed comprehensive training with Balanced Body®. She also accomplished a comprehensive three week intensive training with Rebbeca Leone, a Romana Kryzanowska trained teacher.

Linda Mitchell

Linda first entered our doors in 2013 as a student wanting to regain strength and mobility after breast cancer treatment. She is still a devoted student, and now an instructor, completing her comprehensive training at Harmony Pilates Studio in Pittsburgh. She is a certified teacher by the NPCP and a Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist certified through The Pink Ribbon Program. Linda enjoys bringing the benefits of Pilates to clients of all ages and experiences. In her free time, Linda enjoys long rambles through the woods with her dogs, dates with her husband to the hardware store, and disappearing for hours into good books.

Nancy Sanchez

Nancy was a classically trained ballet and modern dancer her first twenty-five years of life, and switched to personal training and Pilates after college. For the last twenty years, Nancy served in the fitness and Pilates industry as a teacher and a manager. She is a nationally certified teacher by the NPCP. Other certifications include: PhysicalMind Institute®, Peak Pilates®, Balanced Body®, ACE® and NASM®. In addition to teaching her beloved clients, Nancy is honored to be a Master Instructor for the Balanced Body® Pilates Instructor Training Program for the last ten years and counting. Nancy enjoys walking, doing yoga, singing, learning guitar, and spending time loving her husband, family and friends.

Ashleigh Rich

Ashleigh is an apprentice intructor at the Pilates Studio of Gainesville. After practicing the Pilates method for several years and experiencing its transformative power firsthand, she is honored and excited to share her love of Pilates with others. Ashleigh has completed her training at Harmony Pilates Studio in Pittsburgh and is in the final stages of obtaining a certification. She is grateful for the opportunity to be mentored by the Pilates Studio of Gainesville's seasoned and knowledgable instructors. In her other life, Ashleigh works as a writer and editor. She lives in Fairfax with her Pilates-loving husband and yoga-loving cat.

Kim Blackburn

Kim began Pilates as a personal challenge to integrate strengthening exercises with movement, flexibility, balance and body awareness. As a student of Kris at the PSoG for several years, Kim was inspired how Kris combined Pilates exercises with dynamic language and imagery to create a positive mindset and experience. With the guidance and mentoring of Kris and Lesley Laing of Center Street Studios, Kim pursued and completed her comprehensive training from Harmony Pilates Studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Kim has a Bachelor of Science in Business and Marketing, and has two sweet boys who keep her on her toes! Being a breast cancer survivor and mom to a special needs son who thrives from the benefits of movement education, Kim is excited for the opportunity to share with others, as they discover their own mind body connection to enhance their lives.