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Kris Shellum - founder

Kris discovered Pilates over 20 years ago when she took her first mat class. Having spent many years owning and operating women's fitness centers, she became immediately intrigued with this method of exercise. She began her Pilates education studying with Michael Wright of the PhysicalMind Institute. She went on to earn her comprehensive certification with Core Dynamics through Michelle Larson and Dilla Mastrangelo. Kris is certified by the National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP). She has a degree in Sociology from the University of Mary Washington. The only thing rivaling her passion for spending time with her clients and fellow instructors is her husband and three practically perfect children.

Nancy Sanchez

Nancy was a classically trained ballet and modern dancer her first twenty-five years of life, and switched to personal training and Pilates after college. For the last twenty years, Nancy served in the fitness and Pilates industry as a teacher and a manager. She is a nationally certified teacher by the NPCP. Other certifications include: PhysicalMind Institute®, Peak Pilates®, Balanced Body®, ACE® and NASM®. In addition to teaching her beloved clients, Nancy is honored to be a Master Instructor for the Balanced Body® Pilates Instructor Training Program for the last ten years and counting. Nancy enjoys walking, doing yoga, singing, learning guitar, and spending time loving her husband, family and friends.

Linda Mitchell

Linda first entered our doors in 2013 as a student wanting to regain strength and mobility after breast cancer treatment. She is still a devoted student, and now an instructor, completing her comprehensive training at Harmony Pilates Studio in Pittsburgh. She is a certified teacher and a Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist certified through The Pink Ribbon Program. Linda enjoys bringing the benefits of Pilates to clients of all ages and experiences. In her free time, Linda enjoys long rambles through the woods with her dogs, dates with her husband to the hardware store, and disappearing for hours into good books.


Sara Brown

Sara, a lifelong equestrian, sought out Pilates when her then 67-year-old father needed a conditioning program to improve flexibility, core strength, and help prevent bone loss. After years of competition and training horses, Sarah had several injuries resulting in back, neck, and shoulder pain.  She took classes with her father and found THE solution to her pain. Sara wanted to share the relief and overall feeling of well-being Pilates had given her and became comprehensively certified by Harmony Pilates Studio in Pittsburgh. An avid student, Sara has studied Pilates wherever life takes her, including Alaska and Korea. Sara continues to train horses and combines her love of Pilates and horses whenever she can. She believes working with horses has made her an even better Pilates instructor. When not teaching Pilates or working on the farm, Sara enjoys inline skating with her husband and cuddling up on the couch in front of the fire with her snuggle crew of  two favorite felines and loving canine.

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer first discovered Pilates15 years ago in a mat Pilates class at a local recreation center. She was introduced to the reformer in 2013 and has been hooked ever since. In 2022, after many years of consideration, Jennifer decided to share the joy that Pilates brings to her with others. She completed her certification with Harmony Pilates Studio in Pittsburgh. If she is not at the studio, you can find Jennifer chauffeuring her two kids between activities and cheering for them on the sidelines!


Vickie Anglin

Vickie's intro to Pilates was mat work in a dance exercise studio. She loved the feeling of being strong and supple from the work. Through the years, she had enjoyed many sport activities until wrenching her back loading a tandem sea kayak on top of an SUV. A back surgery and years of PT later, still often in pain, she took a private reformer lesson. That was her jam! After the fist session, she noticed sitting more comfortably in the car. By the fifth session, she felt so good she declared her goal to become certified to share this wonderful Pilates method with others. Vickie continued  practicing five more years. Then in 2020, she began teacher training with Nancy Sanchez. Now a Balanced Body certified comprehensive Pilates Instructor, she spends most Saturdays at the studio. Forever a learner, you can find her there taking a lesson and teaching several others.

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